This blog was inspired by a post on Twitter that alleged that black men don’t marry black women. I set out to do some research to find out if that is true. Sadly, when I Googled “black men black wives”, I found many, many web pages dedicated to either interracial marriages between black men and white women or interracial porn.

Let me be clear in stating that I support love between two healthy, consenting adults, whether it is interracial marriage, gay marriage, or marriage between people of the same race. I just felt I needed to do something to combat the myth that black men don’t marry black women.

I realize that race is a social construct, however many people operate as though it were reality. As a result many people still harbor notions of racial supremacy or internalized self-hatred. As long as the majority of humanity operates in racial fantasies, there will be a need for a blog like this. I hope I am alive to see humanity overcome its preoccupation with race.

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